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Altieri Trumpet Bags

Altieri Trumpet Bags, whether for 1 or 6 horns, are composed of cocoon-like environments for sleeping trumpets. Our design, approved by brass repair technicians, keeps the horns vertical so no pressure is applied to the valve line of the trumpet. And it works!

Available Models:

02 – 2 Trumpet Gigbag
02F – Double End Trumpet/Flugel Gigbag
05 – Single Trumpet
05A – Trumpet Piccolo Combo
06 – Single Flugelhorn
07 – 2/3 Trumpet Combo (with Piccolo Sack)
08 – 2/3 Trumpet for 1 or 2 trumpets (with Piccolo Sack)
09 – 4/5 Trumpet & Flugelhorn Combo
09/6T – 6 Trumpet

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Denver School of the Arts Students

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Al Hood
Al Hood looks comfortable wearing the NEW 2 Trumpet Gigbag. His office at the Lamont School of Music in Denver looks pretty cool too.


2 Trumpet Gigbag (#02)


  1. Separate horn compartments at both ends of the bag
  2. Trumpets never come in contact with each other
  3. Pockets for mutes, music, and mouthpieces. With a padded piccolo sack (accessory #15P) you can safely carry a pic.
  4. Rubber handle and shoulder strap
  5. Padded backpack straps tuck away neatly under a sleeve.

23.5" long x 8" wide

Also Available:
Double End Trumpet/Flugel Gigbag (#02F)

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Single Trumpet (#05) and Single Flugel (#06):

  1. Flex Grip, swivel shoulder strap
  2. Zipper top – the "circle-in-the-square" shape buries the bell rim. Plus there is NO zipper along the valve line
  3. Lead pipe nestled in quilted foam
  4. Compartment big enough for several mutes and method books, with a small velcro pocket inside for mouthpieces and valve oil
  5. Backpack straps (not shown) on back
  6. Circular drawstring protector tightens around the bell.

23.5" long x 6" bell

#06 Single Flugel: It's the diameter of the flugel bell and the length of a trumpet - either instrument will work in this bag.

23.5" long x 7" bell

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Trumpet/Piccolo Combo (#05a):

  1. Padded handle
  2. Padded, adjustable backpack straps
  3. Zipper top – "circle-in-the-square" shape buries the bell rim
  4. Extra room for 1-2 mutes
  5. Padded piccolo pocket comes with a quilted piccolo drawstring sack
  6. No zippers along the brass body.
  7. Cone-shaped Trumpet bag with a circular drawstring bell protector.

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2-3 Trumpet plus Piccolo Bag (#07):

  1. Quilted Nylon and dense closed-cell foam coat the whole bag
  2. Modular quilted sack – it comes in piccolo and trumpet sizes – straps in between 2 compartments
  3. 2 padded and quilted cocoons nestle the trumpets – even unusually long trumpets – for safety.

23.5" long x 15" wide x 5" deep

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2 Trumpet/Flugelhorn Bag (#08):

  1. Quilted nylon and dense closed-cell foam surround the instruments
  2. Modular quilted sack straps into bag between the Trumpet and Flugel compartments.
  3. Quilted and padded Flugel cocoon.
  4. Tunnel for Trumpet.

23.5" long x 16" wide x 5.5" deep

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4-5 Trumpet Bag (#09):

  1. 2 modular piccolo, cornet, and/or trumpet sacks strap into place between the horns, making room for a 4th and 5th horn
  2. 3 cocoons – 2 trumpet compartments on the sides and 1 center tunnel for a flugel – create a square shaped bag
  3. Huge front compartment with mute/stand sleeve and mouthpiece pocket.

23.5" long x 21" wide x 5.5" deep

Order Online using our Brass Order Form.

6 Trumpet Bag (#09/6T):

  1. 4 cocoons nestle 3 trumpets and 1 flugelhorn
  2. 2 modular piccolo, cornet, and/or trumpet sacks strap between the tunnels – horns 5 and 6 are home safely

23.5" long x 16" wide x 11" deep

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