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Altieri casecovers and gigbags for Woodwinds are constructed from tough, water-resistant nylon packcloth on the outer shell. In addition, each bag has its own unique features.

The MIRACLE inside our casecovers is our INSULATED LINER; a unique 4-layer insulating material designed to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain during the summer. This incredible insulation stabilizes the temperature of your instrument in order to prevent tuning and cracking problems. Quilted together, this insulation forms a lint and fuzz free environment for the case and its instrument. IT REALLY WORKS!

  1. Outer shell of Nylon Packcloth
  2. Moisture vapor barrier
  3. Heat/Cold Reflecting MYLAR—the material of a space blanket.
  4. Dacron batting for cushioning
  5. Thermal ultrasuede lining on the top, inside layer


ALTIERI gigbags for woodwinds feature an interior quilted ripstop nylon, a soft and lint-free cushion for each joint, key and bell. Layers of foam and rigid plastic backbones surround and encircle the instrument and its parts.

  • Quilted Ripstop Nylon
  • Dense closed--cell foam
  • Rigid plastic
  • Thick open-cell foam


ALTIERI WOODWIND CASECOVERS are made in 3 styles—there is a cover that offers each musician the comfort of easy transport, and the confidence that the instrument is safe and sound. All covers share strong handles, a heavy-duty shoulder strap with locking swivel hooks and a comfortable grip pad, and one full-sized, expandable compartment guaranteed to hold an orchestra folder. The difference in styles is on the back of the Altieri bag, as shown in the illustrations below:

Backpack Style

Double Pocket Style

Deluxe Backpack Style

The Backpack Model features padded backpack straps on the back; they either lock down when not in use or hide beneath a sleeve which can slide onto a rolling cart.

The Double Pocket Casecover has 2 expandable pockets on both the front and back of the case.
Tons of storage!


The Deluxe Model features two pockets, one horizontal on the front and one vertical on the back, and modular backpack straps that tuck away or snap into place to swing on your back. It’s a combo of the backpack and double pocket styles!