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Bassoon Casecover

Carry your bassoon securely on your back with padded backpack straps and adjustable waist strap, toss across your shoulder with the adjustable/removable shoulder strap, tote with the padded handles; and, by special order, you can slide it onto your own rolling cart. Every size, shape, and style is custom-made for your bassoon case. Note: when you are placing your order, It is important to know whether the top of the case is left or right of the center handle.

  1. Padded handles with adjustable tab – use your hardshell handle or our cushy ones
  2. Large music compartment with tool and reed pocket inside
  3. Stand pocket on backpack and deluxe styles
  4. Top handles.

Bassoon Casecovers are made in ALL CASE SIZES and SHAPES from rectangle to oval. They are available in all 3 models plus the option of an added sleeve for a rolling cart.

Available Models:

Casecovers are available in three styles

#24 – Backpack Cover
#42 – Double Pocket Cover
#74 – Deluxe Cover
#24rc – Backpack with Sleeve
#74rc – Deluxe with Sleeve

For a perfect fit just follow the measurement guide on our Woodwind Order Form or send us a trace of your shaped case.

Bassoon Gigbag (#50a)

A combination of rigid plastic, dense foam, and lint-free ripstop nylon creates a safe environment for the bassoon and the Gentleman’s bassoon. Each bassoon joint fits perfectly in its own adjustable compartment, free from stress, pressure, and movement. Order via our Woodwind Order Form.

  1. Protective flap (with plastic and foam) has double bocal pockets
  2. Secure the flap with safety buckles.

1. Protector Flap

2. Boot Joint
3. Bass Joint
4. Wing Joint
5. Bell Compartment
6. All joint holders are
    padded and adjustable.

Contrabassoon Gigbag (#52)

Each contrabassoon gigbag is custom-made to fit the multitude of contra makes and models. Just follow our measurement guidelines for a perfect fit.

Feel free to call us with the brand and model of your contrabassoon, and we might have your pattern ready to assemble.

We also make adjustments for removable bell sections.

Order via our Woodwind Order Form.
Woodwind Bags Order Form

  1. Padded handles, shoulder strap & padded backpack straps (on back)
  2. Double bocal pockets with zippers, foam and rigid plastic protection
  3. Large music compartment with small Velcro pocket inside.

  1. Dense closed-cell foam surrounds the contrabassoon
  2. Custom fit for all the curves and angles of the contra
    (the 2-part contra has separate compartments).

For a perfect fit let us know your make and model – we may have your pattern on file. Otherwise, follow the measurement guide on our woodwind order form for tracing your instrument.