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Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Clarinet cases come in all sizes and so do Altieri Clarinet Bags.

You can order a single cover, double/triple cover or a bass clarinet cover in any of our 3 different styles, backpack, double pocket, and deluxe, all with our 4-layer insulation system.

For examples of the different styles, refer to the drawings on our woodwind homepage.

Single Clarinet Casecover

Our Single Clarinet Casecover is made to the size of an orchestra folder with an adjustable cord to hold the single case securely inside its well insulated cover.

  1. Pocket holds a full sized-orchestra folder plus reeds and tools with ease
  2. Safety cord secures the clarinet case in place, especially when swinging the bag on your back
  3. Padded handles and shoulder straps on all clarinet covers
  4. Cover is larger than hard case so music folios fit comfortably.
Available Models:

Casecovers are available in three models

#20S – Backpack Single Clarinet
#27S – Double Pocket Single Clarinet
#70S – Deluxe Single Clarinet

Measurements - 15.5 " x 12.5" x 4.25"

Order via our Woodwind Order Form.

Double/Triple Clarinet Casecover
Bass Clarinet Casecover

All double, triple and bass clarinet casecovers are custom sized. There is no small, medium and large in the double and bass world--there are multitudes of sizes and shapes. With our handy measurement guide, plus the make and model of your instrument, your case will have a perfect fit. Remember: We must have the make, model, and measurements of your double or bass case. There is no generic size!

Available Models:

Double Clarinet Styles (Note: Measurements Required!):
     #20D – Backpack
     #27D – Double Pocket
     #70D – Deluxe

Bass Clarinet Styles:
     #20B – Backpack
     #27B – Double Pocket
     #70B – Deluxe

Sleeve for a rolling cart on bass available on request

Refer to the measurement guide on our Woodwind Order Form.
for sizing information about the above models.

Woodwind Bags Order Form

Bass Clarinet Gigbag

  1. Full sized, expanding pocket on front for music, stand, accessories
  2. Foam, Plastic and Quilted Ripstop Nylon form the interior compartments
  3. Upper Joint padded ‘tunnel’ opens and closes with pressure-free Velcro
  4. Bell compartment with a padded flap that buckles over the top opening
  5. Long (lower) Joint in its own padded sleeve
  6. Velcro opening and closure makes sure there is no stress putting the joint to sleep
  7. Deluxe pocket with tuck-away backpack straps on the back
  8. Quilted and padded rim encircles the joints
  9. Padded neck compartment

For Contra Alto and Contra Bass Clarinet Gigbags, please email us. We do make them.


Freedom from the misery of carrying a bass clarinet hardcase is now available with the ALTIERI gigbag for both Low E and Low C Bass Clarinets. We even make a gigbag for the Contra Alto Clarinet!

Available Models:

#76E—Deluxe Bass Clarinet Gigbag Low E
Measurements: 24" L x 12" x 5" deep (4.5 lbs)

#76C —Deluxe Bass Clarinet Gigbag Low C
Measurements: 34"L x 13.5" x 5" deep (5.5 lbs)

Order via our Woodwind Order Form.
Woodwind Bags Order Form