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ALTIERI designs and makes flute bags in every possible size and combination. Somewhere below, in our large collection of styles, sizes, patterns, and colors, you will find the flute bag of your dreams!

Available Models:

Casecovers are available in three models

Backpack Models
#21L--1” longer
#21A--Alto Combo
#21AL--Long Alto

Two Pocket Models
#28L--1” longer
#28A--Alto Combo
#28AL--Long Alto
#28C--Fitted Alto Cover

Deluxe Models
#71 -standard
#71L -1” longer
#71A - Alto Combo
#71AL- Long Alto
#71C - Compact Flute
#71AC - Compact Alto
#71BC - Compact Bass


Standard Flute/Piccolo Combo: 18.25” x 12.5” x 2.25"
Standard Alto Flute Combo: 20.5" x 12.5" x 2.5"

Order any of these products through our Woodwind Order Form.

Flute/Piccolo Combo Bag

Our flute/piccolo combo casecover, in it’s many sizes and styles, features pockets that can hold an orchestra folder, stand, tuner and all the tools needed to keep a flute and flutist happy.

  1. Cord holds case(s) in place, especially when swinging the bag on one ’s back
  2. Adjustable piccolo pocket (some flutists use it for their wallet)
  3. As you can see, the bag easily holds 2-3 flutes or double case comfortably
Denver School of the Arts Students


Compact Flute

Our NEW Compact Deluxe Backpack Bags are a wonderful compromise size to our standard bags that hold a full-sized orchestra folder. The COMPACTS are 4” narrower than our standard bags, yet they hold method book folders without bending corners. We offer Flute, Alto and Bass Compact Combos.

71C Compact Flute Bags
Sharon is covered with Deluxe Compact Flute Bags (#71C). The tapestries and Sharon’s paintings make a beautiful picture.

Compact Deluxe Flute Backpack Bags

Altieri Compact Deluxe Flute Bag

  1. Expandable compartment with smaller pocket inside on front of bag carries method books and accessories with ease
  2. Top cords for piccolo or extra flute
  3. Cords for flute secure it as you swing it onto your back
  4. Padded handles and shoulder strap
  5. Back expanding pocket with tuck-away backpack straps and lots of storage room

#71C-Compact Deluxe Flute/Piccolo Bag
18” x 8.5” x 2.25”

#71AC-Compact Deluxe Alto Flute/Piccolo Bag
20.5” x 8.5” x 2.5" (or custom sized)

#71BC-Compact Deluxe Bass Flute Bag
27” x 10” x 3.5” (or custom sized)


Bass Flute

Bass Flute bags are designed as either a total carry-all or a fitted casecover.

Woodwind Bags Order Form#71B* is our Deluxe Backpack Bass/Alto/Flute Piccolo combo
#28B* is our Double Pocket Bass Combo—it pyramids upwards from the largest case on the bottom to the little piccolo near the top. It, too, can slide onto a cart of your choosing.
#28D is our Bass Flute Fitted Casecover—and with all fitted covers, measurements are required .
*Case length measurements needed for Bass Combo Bags.


Here are ideal bags for the flutist who does not want to carry all their gear, yet with enough room for flute, piccolo and small accessories.
Double Flute Casecover

#29 and #29L (long)

Flute/Piccolo Casecover with handles, shoulder strap, and double pockets, holds a standard double case comfortably or a single case and piccolo combination.

#29 – 17.5-18" x 6" x 2.5"
#29L – 18.5-19" x 6" x 2.5"

Order via our Woodwind Order Form.


The Fitted Covers*

#90B—B FOOT cover with shoulder strap & pocket
#90C—C FOOT cover with shoulder strap & pocket
#91B—B FOOT cover, no shoulder strap
#91C—C FOOT cover, no shoulder strap
#92 —PICCOLO cover

Fitted Cover

Bass Flute Gigbag (#78BF)

After hundreds of requests we have created a Bass Flute Gigbag.

All the Bass Flute joints and stand sections have their own protected compartments. Plus, all the pocket space possible. Padded handles, tuck away backpack straps, and a rolling cart sleeve make transport a dream.

When you order we will need joint measurments.

Order via our Woodwind Order Form.

Bass Flute Gigbag
Contra Bass Flute Gigbag (#78DX)

Woodwind Bags Order FormYes, we can make casecovers for the two sections of your contra bass flute (with measurements, of course). But, as you see below, your contra bass can be transported in a high-tech gigbag. Carry it on your back, your shoulders, or slide it onto a rolling cart, and your contra bass will arrive in style. Order via our Woodwind Order Form.

  1. Heavy duty flap with foam and plastic interior
  2. Padded, protective seal
  3. Elastic holders for foot stands
  4. Stand base pocket
  5. Pockets on front and back, plus tuck-away backpack straps (sleeve for rolling cart on request)

  1. Foot joint
  2. Head joint
  3. Middle section
  4. Upper section
  5. Upper curve
  6. Extra head joint sleeve
  7. Second curve

Flutes and Laptop Gigbag (#100Gig)
Alto/Flutes and Laptop Gigbag (#101Gig)

The Flute and Laptop GIg Bag was introduced at the National Flute Convention in New York City in 2009, and now we cannot keep them in stock. There are 2 sizes, one for flutes/piccolo and laptop and the larger for alto flute, flutes/piccolo and laptop. They both feature the expandable orchestra pocket on the front, smaller accessory pockets and padded backpack straps, extra pocket, and sleeve for a rolling cart on the back. Now we really do have the "do-everything" bag for you. Order via our Woodwind Order Form.

Jessica loves her new Flutes & Laptop Bag (#100Gig). Chris is rolling the Alto/Flutes & Laptop Bag (#101Gig). The rolling cart is sold separately ($65).

  1. Adjustable holder for 2 flutes or double case
  2. Piccolo sleeve
  3. Super-padded laptop pocket
  4. Backpack straps, zipper pocket, sleeve for rolling cart
  5. Padded handle and shoulder strap
  6. Front pocket expands for an orchestra folder; smaller pockets catch the rest.

#100Gig - Flute and Laptop GigBag
19” x 13" x 5.5"

#101Gig - Alto/Flute and Laptop GigBag
21” x 13" x 6"