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All our double reed casecovers feature our 4-layer insulation system (for more information, take a look at the main woodwinds page).

Oboe Casecover
The oboe how has a handsome, professional, and extremely functional place to be —inside an ALTIERI Casecover.

  1. Inside the large music pocket there are pockets designed for oboe tools, tuning forks, reed boxes etc.
  2. Cord prevents movement of the delicate oboe
  3. On the back, choose between backpack straps, an extra pocket, or a deluxe backpack pocket with padded handles

Available Models

#22 – Backpack Oboe Bag
#30 – Double Pocket Oboe Bag
#72 – Deluxe Oboe Bag

14.5" x 12.5" x 3.25" (plus pocket expansion)

Order via our Woodwind Order Form.

English Horn/Oboe Combo Cover
With specialized pockets like the Oboe Casecover, and custom sizing to fit your make and model of Combo Case, your English Horn and Oboe are safe from the elements, are surrounded by their accessories, and ready for transport.
Our standard bag is made for the LOREE Case, but we make covers for all other brands at no extra cost (just supply your make, model, and measurements).

Available Models
REMEMBER: if you do not have a Loreé double case, we need make, model, and measurements.

#23 – Backpack Loreé Combo #23S – Backpack (other brands)
#31 – 2 Pocket Loreé Combo #31S – 2 Pocket (other brands)
#73 – Deluxe Loreé Combo #73S – Deluxe (other brands)

Order via our Woodwind Order Form.

Fitted Cover for Oboe or English Horn (#30FT)

A simple, yet fully insulated cover is available on request (measurements and make/model required).

Oboe and Laptop Gigbag (#103Gig)

The Altieri Flute and Laptop Gig Bag has become so popular, we have made versions for Oboe, Clarinet, and English Horn. Your Oboe is cozy in a double insulated sleeve, your laptop is safe in its padded home, and every accessory fits perfectly.

#103Gig - Oboe and Laptop GigBag
19” x 13" x 5.5"

also available:
#104Gig - Oboe/English Hornand Laptop GigBag


Woodwind Bags Order Form

Oboe and Laptop Gigbag