Flute/Piccolo Combo Casecover, Backpack --- 1" longer #21L

$ 150.00

The #21L  flute/piccolo combo casecover is 1" longer than our #21 flute/piccolo combo cover.

It features a front zip pocket that will hold an orchestra folder, stand, tuner, and all the tools needed to keep a flute and flutist happy. Padded backpack straps on the back are held down with a velcro tab when not in use. It has webbing handles, and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad. Inside features our special insulative lining (see details below). Outer shell is a heavy duty water-resistant nylon packcloth that lasts for years.

 Special Features:

  • front expandable zipper pocket large enough to hold a full size orchestra folder and music stand
  • small velcro pocket inside front pocket to hold smaller items
  • padded backpack straps
  • webbing handles
  • detachable, adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad
  • special insulative lining (see below)
  • outer shell is a heavy duty, water-resistant nylon packcloth that lasts for years

A little about the inside:

Our special 4-layer quilted insulated liner stabilizes the temperature of your instrument -- protecting it from heat and moisture, preventing tuning and cracking problems. It also has a soft, ultrasuede finish, that is lint and fuzz free.


  1. Center cord holds case(s) in place, especially when swinging the bag on one's back
  2. Adjustable piccolo pocket (some flutists use it for their wallet)
  3. As you can see, the bag easily holds 2-3 flutes or double case comfortably.


Dimensions: 19.25" x 12.5" x 2.25"

If you require a little less length, then refer to our #21, which is 1" shorter.

Available in 19 different colors.  Standard color is black. Other color and tapestry(placed on outside pocket) options are available at an additional cost.