French Horn - Fixed Bell #04

$ 220.00

It is a pleasure to carry the French Horn bag, with its many curves, on your back; the ALTIERI gigbag is designed so your bell and leadpipe never go beyond your shoulders or your hips. In addition to all the interior protection, your body adds an extra cushion.

  1. Leadpipe safely ‘buried’ in this corner
  2. Accessory, music compartment with mouthpiece pocket inside
  3. Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad
  4. Handles both top and bottom
  5. Zippers located across the ‘empty’ space of the bell – NEVER down the brass and leadpipe spine
  6. Padded zipper protector provides extra bell rim cushion.

  1. Multiple layers of closed-cell foam inside an oversized bell circle buries the horn rim from the outside
  2. Padded backpack straps with Velcro holder – on your back, the bag never extends beyond your shoulders; walk through doorways or crowds, your body might get bumped but not your horn.

Standard color is black. Other color and tapestry (placed on outside pocket) options are available at an additional cost. 

Please email or call us for a custom quote if you have a non-standard French horn.