Mute, Music, "Messenger" Bag #46M

$ 168.50

The messenger-style bag has long been popular as the carryall for bicycle messengers and "cool" college students. Now it can work for the Brass player also.
  1. Flap closure with large outside pocket
  2. Removable, rigid sleeve holds mouthpieces, batons, CD's, plus orchestra folders--even the thick "European" folio
  3. Modular quilted "snake" curls in and out around mutes
  4. Adjustable length, quick release buckles – expand the bag as needed.










Standard color is black. Other color and tapestry (placed on outside pocket) options are available at an additional cost.

Bag measures at the Bottom 18" long x 8" wide; Height (adjustable) 14" to 18"; Length (at top flap) 24".