Screwbell Horn Bag #14

$ 240.00

The theory behind the Screwbell Bag is to create layers of protection so that the horn is never exposed to the exterior edges. Once the horn is properly buried inside, it is almost impossible to feel the horn —it disappears inside, safe from the outside world.

Special Features:

  1. Drawstring locks the bell rim and threads into a cushy cocoon
  2. Double nylon quilting secures the bell in place, buried from outer edges
  3. Multiple layers of dense closed-cell foam add another coat around the bell.



  1. Leadpipe is ALWAYS upright whether carried by handles, shoulder strap or backpack straps – there is NEVER any stress on the leadpipe
  2. Two modular pads come with the bag – use as a divider for a mute, a wrapper for the leadpipe, and for your own peace-of-mind
  3. Back of Bell Holder with rigid foam – a double cover for the horn body
  4. Built-in thread protector
  5. Mouthpiece pocket and space for a mute.









  1. Padded handles
  2. Large music compartment with tuck-away backpack straps inside
  3. Quick release buckles – snap the backpack straps into place with ease.



Standard color is black. Other color and tapestry (placed on outside pocket) options are available at an additional cost.

Bag measures 16" long x 18" wide x 11" deep @ Bell Center.