Single Trumpet #05

$ 140.00

The #05 is designed to house a single trumpet without a case.
Altieri Trumpet Bags, whether for 1 or 6 horns, are protected in a closed cell foam cocoon  for sleeping trumpets. Our design, approved by brass repair technicians, keeps the horns vertical so no pressure is applied to the valve line of the trumpet. And it works!

Special Features:

  1. Flex Grip, swivel shoulder strap
  2. Zipper top –  NO zipper along the valve line
  3. Lead pipe nestled in quilted foam
  4. Compartment big enough for several mutes and method books, with a small velcro pocket inside for mouthpieces and valve oil
  5. Backpack straps on back
  6. Circular drawstring protector tightens around the bell.

Measures 23.5" long.  Holds a 4 1/2" - 5 1/2" bell

Standard color is black. Other color and tapestry (placed on outside pocket) options are available at an additional cost.