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Drumstick, Mallet & Percussion Accessory Bag - Medium

Drumstick, Mallet & Percussion Accessory Bag - Medium

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$ 208.50


Backpack straps fit inside an expandable pocket
Huge outside compartment for music folders, practice pad, bells, tambourines, and lots of personal items.

1. Bag can be carried sideways or from the top
2. Flap buckles down over mallets—the left and right sides never touch
3. Five elastic loops balance the bag as it hangs from hooks and keys
4. Two large pockets for tuners and tuning forks, keys and other accessories
5. Center thickness keep mallet heads ‘squish-free’
6. Nine sleeves in each row.

48.895cm long x 26.67cm wide x 6.98cm deep
19.25″ long x 10.5″ wide x 2.75″ deep