Warranty and Repair


Altieri bags come with a 2 year warranty. If it's our fault, we will fix it.

Email us at: sales@altieribags.com for any issues with defects. Please let us know what bag you have, a receipt of purchase, and what the problem is. Sending pictures is very helpful. Give us a couple of days to reply -- we are a small crew wearing many hats.

Be sure to keep your receipt so that we will be able to honor your warranty if there is an issue.

All our bags are made with YKK zippers -- the best on the market. They do have limits, however. The zippers will last longer if you resist the urge to overstuff your bag.

The rubber shoulder pad on our shoulder straps is NOT a valid warranty part.


If your Altieri bag is past warranty and in need of repairs, email us: sales@altieribags.com.

Our most common repair is zipper.  The standard cost for a zipper replacement is $35.00 plus return shipping costs. Prices do vary according to instrument cover. 

Please note that because of the structured composition of our trumpet and trombone bags, we cannot replace their zippers.