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Warranty and Repair

The Altieri Guarantee 

We guarantee every Altieri instrument bag for two years. If you have any issue with your bag that needs repair you can contact us at before shipping your bag.

Altieri Repair Services

To request a repair please contact and include the following information: 

- First and Last Name

- Phone Number

- Shipping Address

- A photo and description of the issue that needs repair


Q: How much does it cost to repair my bag?

A:  Repairs are $58.50 (which includes return ground shipping in the USA). 


Q: How long will it take to repair my bag?

A: Generally repairs take 6-8 weeks before being shipped back to the customer. 


Q: How do you determine if you can repair my bag?

A: We either confirm that we can repair your bag by looking at the provided photo of the issue or if it's too difficult to tell by looking at the photo, we will ask you to ship the bag so that we can examine it in person.


Q: How do I ship my bag?

A: We ask that your bag is clean as possible and that all personal items are removed (please check all the pockets) - afterwards you can ship your bag to the location provided by our customer service team ( If your bag needs to be washed you can run it in a washing machine on gentle or delicate cycle and tumble or air dry. 


Q: What happens if you can't repair my bag?

A: If you have sent your bag for examination and it's determined your bag is not repairable, we will contact you to let you know we are returning it.  We will send your bag back via ground shipping at no charge (in the USA).

Cleaning Instructions:

Hand wash with cold water, dish soap and a cloth. Let air dry. 


For any other questions feel free to contact us:


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