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Collection: Woodwind Accessories

Insulated covers keep woodwinds warm, cozy and clean while they rest on their stands; they work especially great in air conditioned pits and damp studios. Cozies are another "miracle" created by our 4-layer insulation system.

Available Models

110F – Flute, B or C, Cozy
110AS    – Straight Alto Flute Cozy
110AC    – Curved Alto Flute Cozy
110P    – Piccolo Cozy
110BS    – Bass Flute Cozy
110CL    – Clarinet Cozy
110OB    – Oboe Cozy
110EH    – English Horn Cozy


Woodwind/Music/Messenger Bag (#45W)

The messenger style bag has long been popular as the carryall for bicycle messengers and "cool" college students. Now it can work for the Woodwind player also.

Fully lined with our 4-layer insulation, the woodwind messenger bag will carry a single clarinet, oboe, or flute(s) beneath elastic straps. The rigid, removable sleeve holds lots of music, CDs, tuners, batons, and small accessories. The outside adjustable flap has a handy zippered pocket.

Bottom 18"L x 8" W, Height (adjustable) 14" to 18", Length (at top flap) 24"

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