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Woodwind Bags

Altieri casecovers and gig bags for Woodwinds are constructed from tough, water-resistant nylon pack cloth on the outer shell.

The miracle inside our case covers is our insulated liner; a unique 4-layer insulative material designed to reduce heat loss in the winter and head gain during the summer.

This incredible insulation stabilizes the temperature of your instrument in order to prevent tuning and cracking problems.

Quilted together, this insulation forms a lint and fuzz free environment for the case and its instrument.

It really works -- Here's how:

layers used to protect your instrument by the Altieri Instrument bags

1. Durable nylon outer packcloth.

2. Moisture vapor barrier.

3. Heat/Cold reflecting mylar -- the material of a space blanket.

4. Dacron batting for cushioning.

5. Soft, thermal ultra-suede lining on the inside.


The Double Pocket features large pockets on both sides: one side has smaller interior compartments. Shoulder strap and handles included
The Backpack features one large pocket with interior compartments. The backpack straps can be secured close to the bag with velcro straps. Shoulder strap and handles included.
The Deluxe combines features of each. Two large pockets, one with interior compartments, and the other a vertical pocket which contains the backpack straps which can be clipped into buckles at the corners of the bag when wanted. Shoulder strap and handles included.