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Oboe & Laptop Backpack - OBBP-00
Oboe & Laptop Backpack - OBBP-00
Oboe & Laptop Backpack - OBBP-00

Oboe & Laptop Backpack - OBBP-00

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$ 228.50
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$ 228.50

The Oboe and Laptop Backpack is designed to hold an oboe case and a laptop.

It features an expandable orchestra pocket on the front, smaller accessory pockets, padded backpack straps, extra pocket, and sleeve for a rolling cart on the back. Double insulated sleeve keeps oboe nice and cozy. Closed cell foam layer on the backside of  bag, makes it comfortable to carry, and adds a little extra protection for your laptop!

Outer shell is a heavy duty, water-resistant packcloth that lasts for years.  Our 4-layer quilted insulated liner stabilizes the temperature of your instrument -- protecting it from heat and moisture, preventing tuning and cracking problems. It also has a soft, ultrasuede finish, that is lint and fuzz free. Laptop pocket is padded for extra protection.

 Special Features:

  1. Adjustable holder for one double clarinet case, or two single clarinet cases
  2. Super-padded laptop pocket
  3. Backpack straps, zipper pocket, sleeve for rolling cart
  4. Rubber handle and shoulder strap
  5. Front pocket expands for an orchestra folder; smaller pockets catch the rest.

Currently available in standard black.

Bag measures 16.5" long x 13" wide x 4" deep.